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Lord of heavens and a supreme god upon beating the titans.

The lightning bolt is his feared weapon. His palace in mount olympus is a place of peace where all gods are welcomed. A very unloyal husband to Hera, hes always keen to stablish abolishing romances with gods, mortals and nymphs.


Messenger of the gods.

He's also a forefather of literature, translations, size and weights, traders and travelers, roads and there limits.

He is in charge of guiding the souls to the underworld. He has wings and a golden crook and the caduceus, this was a symbol in representation that he was sent by Zeus himself.


God of light, medicine, proetry, profecy and music.

He represents the ideal male: beautiful, athletic, smart, good and talented.

His twin sister is Artemis. He's a fine musician, the lyre being his favorite instrument.


Goddess of love, beauty and desire.

She possessed a golden belt which could inspire love to anyone.

Zeus ordered her to marry the serious Hephaestus to have her under control.


Goddess of agriculture.

She's part of the first generation of the olympian gods, making her sister to Zeus, Poseidon, Hades.

She had daughter named Persephone, whos father was Zeus, she was raptured by Hades and was crowned the queen of the underworld.


Goddess of marriage and Zeus' wife. Skillfull and intriguing queen, shes the mother of the second generation of the olympian gods.

Her husband's love affairs keep her very busy, punishing and cursing the mistress' and Zeus' ilegitimate children.


Goddess of war and wisdom. Daughter of Zeus and Methis, first wife of the god.

Athena was born and raised inside of Zeus' head, until a headache made her come out, when she did she was an adult and completely armed.


God of the underworld and the deceased souls. He reigns within the dead, aided by his boatman Charon and his three headed dog, Cerberus

He possessed a mantle which made him invisible to the exterior world.


God of the oceans, sea and rivers. He was one of the most feared by the greeks, for they know the danger of a raging sea.

He is known for his mood changes, just like the waters he controls.


Lord of war and violence, hes a very cruel and conceited god.

He enjoys bloody battles without caring which side comes victorious, making him one of the least loved by the humans and the rest of the gods..


Goddess of hunting and the chastity of women who she aids with her silver arrows againts men who harass them.

She has the power to turn anyone who look at her into an animal and demand terrible sacrifices.


Deity of the artesans, specially of the metallurgicals.

The most aclaimed weapons and shields where from his forging.

The only god without beauty, He was thrown about by Hera at birth from the Olympus leaving him lame. Despite his defect, he married Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.